Home Cardiac Testing

What is Home Cardiac Testing?

The RhythmStar System is intended for use by patients who either have or are at risk of having cardiac disease and those that demonstrate intermittent symptoms indicative of cardiac disease and require cardiac monitoring on a continuing basis. With this option, you can quickly assess complaints of palpitations, arrhythmias, and fatigue. These devices are also easy to apply at home, as you will be mailed a test kit DIRECTLY to you (via prepaid mailer). With comprehensive test reports available in just 48 hours, home cardiac testing has never been easier!

  • Cardiac Monitoring Available Up To 30 Days

  • Integrated Cellular App Connectivity

  • MCT Symptom Checker Via Tapping Device

  • Ordering Provider Can Set MCT Parameters

How to Get Started With RhythmStar

Turn RhythmStar Wearable on by briefly pressing the ON button on the back side of the monitor until the monitor vibrates and LED lights on the front flash once. If battery status light flashes red, RhythmStar should be charged prior to use. To charge, connect charging base to power supply and place RhythmStar Wearable onto charging base until the battery status light turns from solid red to solid green indicating the monitor is fully charged and ready for use.

Prepare your skin by:
• Trimming chest hair as needed.
• Clean skin with warm water and let the skin dry.
• Do not use lotions or creams prior to applying the adhesive electrodes.

Snap one adhesive electrode to the back of the RhythmStar Wearable monitor and another to the red connector. Remove the protective backing from the adhesive electrodes and apply electrodes to chest as illustrated…

Confirm the monitor is working properly using the colored LED icons on the front of the monitor:

• Monitoring – Monitoring status light will blink green every 10 seconds. This indicates that the monitor is functioning as intended. The Green monitoring light will become solid when recording a patient activated event for 30 seconds.

• Battery Charged – When the monitor is in the charging base and the base is connected to a power supply, the battery status light will become a solid green indicating the monitor is fully charged.

• Battery Low – When the battery is running low, the battery status light will begin to flash red. Once the monitor is placed in the charging base and the base is connected to a power supply, the battery status light will remain a solid red indicating that the monitor is in the process of being recharged.

• Lead Connection – When the monitor is ON and not connected, the lead connection status light will flash every 5 seconds. The light will also be rapidly blinking/flickering during boot up for about 30 seconds after turning the monitor on. When the monitor is on and properly connected, the lead connection status will discontinue flashing. If at any time during use the lead connection status light begins to flash, it is necessary to check the connection to ensure the adhesive electrodes are firmly snapped to both the monitor and the red snap connector and that the electrodes are securely adhered to the skin. For additional assistance, contact a RhythmStar Care Coordinator.

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