Patient FAQ

Yes, some insurance company’s will approve a home study but deny services for an in lab study, these patients would be scheduled for a home study.

Fill out referral form with as much information as you can provide, have doctor/np sign and fax to referral fax number with a recent clinical note.

There are 3 sleep study options that can be chosen:

Option A. Patient can have an in lab or home sleep study and PCP can follow up with their patient

Option B. Patient can have their sleep study completed first and then follow up consultation with a sleep specialist

Option C. You can send your patients for a consult first with a sleep specialist

A Home study is a screening tool for sleep apnea, where the patient will come to the sleep center and
pick up a device or have it mailed to their home. They will be educated on the operation of the device and will wear over night and return it to the sleep center the next day.

Provider FAQ

NO, Epoch Sleep Center management will process all pre authorizations. We just need a completed referral form and a recent clinical note.

Typically the process from start to finish will take 7 – 10 business days